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Geico insurance tricks.

Posted on February 1, 2016 — by Michael Ely

Geico uses that cute talking lizard in its commercials, but don't be fooled into thinking that this insurance behemoth is some cuddly cartoon character.  Behind the cartoon lizards, the slick commercials and the "fifteen minute" catch phrase, they are still a calculating and opportunistic insurance company; willing to use any tricks necessary to accept insurance premiums and deny or downplay claims.  Take, for instance, the letter I received today on behalf of a client from a Geico insurance adjuster.

The letter begins by stating that Geico has already determined that the subject accident was minor in nature.  I have written about this in the past.  But this letter went one step further.  This letter informed me that Geico has already conducted a biomechanical analysis and the analysis has concluded that my client should not have injuries that continue past 21 days.  This analysis and conclusion was conducted without examining my client, without having any video of the accident, without having access to the accident vehicles and without speaking to my client's doctors.  Yet, this "analysis" purports to determine the severity of my client's injuries.  Further, the letter makes no mention of the biomechanist who performed this analysis, his/her credentials, his/her methods, whether this analysis followed the scientific method and whether this biomechanical analysis was tested and peer reviewed.

It is obvious from this letter that Geico has no use for such trivialities like evidence and science.  Geico simply reaches a desired conclusion and makes up the support later on.  Unfortunately, within the insurance community, this type of behavior is a rule, not an exception.

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