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Nov 4

Soft Tissue Injuries

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Posted on November 4, 2016 — by Michael Ely

“It’s just a soft tissue injury.”  That is what the adjuster for Geico told me on the telephone yesterday while I was attempting to negotiate a settlement for a client.  It certainly was not the first time I had heard that dismissive statement and it will not be the last.  Insurance adjusters are a cynical lot generally, but they have a special disdain for soft tissue injuries.  However, as I have heard many medical professionals testify to, soft tissue injuries can be more painful than broken bones and pulled muscles.

As anyone who has had a disc bulge or disc herniation, soft tissue injuries can be terribly painful and frequently require surgery to alleviate the pain.  Most automobile accidents do not result in broken bones or injuries that show up on an X-ray.  However, even though an injury does not show up on an X-ray does not mean that it is not real or not painful. 

Soft tissue injuries resulting from automobile accidents are a common occurrence.  The mechanics of an automobile crash usually will not result in broken bones, but often cause painful injuries to soft tissue in the back and neck.  It is important to get treatment for soft tissue injuries.  It is also important to contact an attorney to defend your rights against dismissive insurance companies.  If you have been injured in an accident and you need to speak to an attorney, please contact Michael Ely from Ely & Reed at 512-562-7000.

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