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Our attorneys at Ely & Reed strongly believe that all communities should be provided with the very best legal representation. Our main office is based in Austin, TX. However, we have seen the need for a personal injury attorney in Midland, TX, and have expanded to serve the local community. Our Midland office enables us to provide more clients with a hard-working legal team. We work tirelessly to build strong cases and help you collect the compensation you deserve following an injury. We are dedicated to helping victims, and will aggressively fight for your due restitution and justice.

About Us

Our attorneys, Michael Ely and Nick Reed have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases and insurance defense claims. With our firm, you will not need to worry about any upfront attorney fees. We offer a free consultation for us to review your case, and our payment is deferred until we have won a settlement or jury verdict. 

We previously worked as defense attorneys, protecting insurance companies from personal injury lawsuits. However, we are now dedicated to helping victims who have suffered from others' negligence and carelessness. Because of our previous experience, we have a proven track record of success, and we know all the ins and outs personal injury and insurance disputes. Additionally, we can expertly handle cases pertaining to business disputes, property damage claims, real estate lawsuits, gas explosions, product liability, and vehicular accidents. Our attorneys are also able to provide compassionate legal representation in tragic cases of wrongful death. 

We believe it is important to provide aggressive representation, ensuring that victims do not suffer because of large corporations or insurance companies.

Serving the Region and its Unique Concerns

With the boom of the oil industry, the highways throughout the entire region of central and western Texas have become overcrowded with large commercial vehicles. The constant traffic has put a strain on the roads, leaving them cracked, chipped, and dangerous. Each day there are thousands of industry trucks and 18-wheel vehicles transporting hazardous materials along these damaged, subpar roads. As a result, the state of Texas, and this region in particular, has become one of the deadliest commutes in the country. Due to the large amount of vehicular injuries and fatalities, we believe it is important to provide aggressive representation, ensuring that victims do not suffer because of large corporations or insurance companies. Our team will tirelessly advocate for clients who have been affected by an injury or death as a result of poor road maintenance, negligent drivers, and a variety of other factors.

How to Find Our Office

Our Midland, TX, office is easily reached from Interstate 20. We are located in the Atrium neighborhood, next to the Midland County Charter School, and are two blocks from the Midland County Court building. Prior to stopping into our office, please contact us at (432)-755-0990 to schedule your appointment. 

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If you have been injured in an accident, or are currently seeking a personal injury attorney in the Midland, TX, area, please contact us to set up an appointment. We will diligently fight for your rights and help you seek ample compensation.