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Fighting For Justice in a Gas Explosion Lawsuit

Fireman fighting an active blazeAccidents involving gas leaks and explosions are among the most devastating; they are especially tragic because they are almost always preventable. Frequently caused by negligent human error, a gas explosion will often cause catastrophic injuries and loss of life. If your family has been impacted by a gas-related incident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Ely & Reed for help. Attorneys Nick Reed and Michael Ely understand that a gas leak or gas explosion lawsuit cannot undo a tragedy. But, for many of our Austin clients, a monetary settlement or verdict can help them begin to rebuild their lives.

About Gas Leaks and Explosions

Natural gas (methane) and propane are used to heat homes and businesses, and to fuel appliances such as stoves, water heaters, and outdoor barbecue grills. If a leak from a valve, hose, tank, or pipeline releases highly combustible gas into the atmosphere, any small spark can create a disaster.

A gas explosion can stem from many possible sources, including:

  • A defective appliance
  • Pipe damage from land excavation
  • Leaks from underground pipelines are increasingly common when aging pipes need replacement or maintenance
  • Appliance malfunctions can sometimes be traced to negligence in the design, manufacture, installation, or repair
  • A utility company's failure to respond to customer complaints about gas odor can also point to negligence

For some workers, gas explosions are always a potential hazard in the workplace. Employees who work in the natural gas or gasoline industries, as well as industries that use hydrogen gas in manufacturing and fabrication processes, are more likely to be affected by gas explosions.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Thousands of people have been injured or killed by a carbon monoxide (CO) gas leak. A faulty appliance or inadequate fireplace ventilation can cause CO to leak into the home. This is especially dangerous because this gas is odorless, and virtually undetectable without a CO alarm. A slow leak can cause flu-like symptoms, and prolonged exposure can be fatal.

Legal Help for Gas Leaks and Explosions

Whether the liability rests with a utility company, product manufacturer, or apartment landlord, victims and families inevitably find themselves dealing with insurance companies. Insurance adjustors will do all they can to minimize a personal injury or property damage claim. At Ely & Reed, we know insurance tactics very well, and we will provide you with legal guidance and representation based on that experience.

Michael Ely and Nick Reed both have a background in defending insurance companies and other corporations from personal injury lawsuits. Our experience has taught us to anticipate their attorneys’ legal strategies and to outmaneuver them. Today, we represent plaintiffs, and find great satisfaction in working for innocent victims of negligent, careless behavior. We're proud of our outstanding record of past results for our clients.

Our legal work requires no up front fees. You pay nothing unless a settlement or jury award is received. If you turn over your case to us, your job is to focus on healing and rebuilding.

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If you or your loved one has been a victim of negligence that caused or contributed to a gas leak or explosion, you deserve compensation. Contact Ely & Reed for a free consultation today.

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