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A deposition is an opportunity for the insurance company to take your statement or a witnesses statement under oath before trial. Although it is intimidating, there are many tips that will make the deposition seem less daunting.

Independent Medical Examination

In any insurance claim with a significant amount of personal injury damages, the insurance company will want its own doctor to review the claimants injuries. Although this is a common place practice, it might not be such a good idea. In fact, it might even be a myth that there is such thing as an independent medical examination.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are called upon in nearly every trial.  They are valuable to the court and to juries.  Finding a qualified expert who adds value to a case is important.  For personal injury cases, experts come in many varieties, but certain aspects apply to every expert witness.

Written Discovery

Written discovery are where any case is made; in general, it is the opportunity for each party to learn the other parties' arguments and evidence.  Written discovery takes several different shapes, but in each there are rules of procedure that every attorney can use for their benefit.  

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